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Follicle Stimulating Hair Growth Serum Infused With Batana + Rosemary

Follicle Stimulating Hair Growth Serum Infused With Batana + Rosemary

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When They Say Black Girls Hair Can't Grow Your Curly God Mother Formulates A Serum To Show Them Different! Watch Your Curls Transform Into A More Healthier and Confident curl, A curl that knows what she wants and need! Break Barriers & Grab You A Bottle Of Earth Literally Earth In A Bottle. I formulated this super potent but light weight Herbal Concoction from the comfort of My Apartment kitchen in 2022, This serum is jam packed with active compounds vitamins and minerals, 6 DHT Blockers And 15 earthly herbs That Reduce shedding and Hair Loss, Stimulate  and  Improve  Blood Flow Supply To The Follicle To Stimulate Hair Growth, This Serum Relieves Stress and Thus Prevents Hair Fall, It will surely nourish your strands from root to tip. You Can Call It The Serum Your Curls Can't Live Without. This Hair Serum Not Only promotes hair growth, It strengthens hair, repair brittle hair, promote hair thickness, and provide a healthy scalp. These herbs also contain antimicrobial activities helping Your scalp and hair to grow healthily.


Hey Curl Friends! This Hair Serum Is Has NO TOXIC INGREDIENTS EVER!!! Only Made with 100% ORGANIC Earthly Ingredients.

Safe For everyday Styles Such As

. Hot Oil Treatments

. Pre-poo's

. Sealant

. Protective Braid Styles

 . Loc's

. Relaxed Hair


Can Be Used For Conditions Such As

. Alopecia

. Post Partum Hair Loss 

. Dry Scalp

. Traction Alopecia 

. Telogen Effluvium

. Androgenic Alopecia (Male & Female patterned Baldness)


6 DHT Blockers 

Amla - The Indian gooseberry is known for its high vitamin C content that boosts collagen production. Increased collagen production stimulates faster and healthier hair growth 

Stinging Nettle - Stinging nettle keeps testosterone from turning into DHT (this conversion is the major cause of hair loss in men

Pumpkin Seed -  an astringent – which is a substance that causes body tissues to contract  protecting the skin, and traditionally used for hair loss prevention.

Brahmi - improves blood supply to the scalp, relieves stress and thus prevents hair fall.

Neem - high in alkaloids, which may stimulate hair-growth proteins.

Rosemary -Inhibits DHT, a hormone related to hair loss.

15 Herbs Known To Aid In Hair Loss, promote hair growth, strengthen the hair strands, and improve the overall health and elasticity of the scalp.

- Lemongrass
- Black seed
- Fenugreek
- Amla
- Peppermint
- Biotin
- Moringa
- Chebe'
- Clove
- Pumpkin
- Vetiver 
- Chamomile 
- Horsetail
- Shi Kaikai 
- Brahmi
- Neem

Curl How Do I Use This?

A Little Goes A Long Way Sis ! Apply Serum 3-4 Times A Week For Best Results, The Spout cap On This Bottle Of Joy features a tapered tip that offers precise dispensing and application Because Growing Your Hair Shouldn't Be A Hassle! Get To The Growth!  With A Short Twist To The Left You Can Open Your Serum & With A Short Twist To The Right You Can Close Off Your Serum So No Spills! 

How Do I Know This Serum Works??

Don't Just Take My Word For It ! Check Out The Curls Who Have Been Using The Serum.

Before/after images shared by my clients and customers who were given free product.


1. Sakeenah Crudup AKA (CEO Of A Curls Best Friend Organics) Before Big Chop

2022 Silk press 

Chin Length

Silk Press 2023 Feb 14th

Breast Length

Back Length March 2023

Back Length


7 Months Later ....I decided To Big Chop & Start Over !!! And Share My Serum With All Of My Curl Friends, No Matter The Curl Type Or Condition Your Hair Can Grow SIS!!  SCROLL DOWN



October 5th 2023 Big Chop After Being Relaxed

November 8th 2023 35 days later after big chop

November 22nd 15 days after 1st blow out. 

December 23 Protective style To December 11th 

December 27th After Protective style take down

Installed some mini Twist Same day And Measured In At 5.5 Inches!!! 
Next Day Bantu Knots!! 

Client 1 

August 28th Big Chop To Shoulder Length In 3-4 months!! 

Clients Baby ( Before) Little To Know Growth Which Is Normal For Some Babies! 

Client 3 Before And After From 9-10 Month Time Frame.

Client 4 Before and After  (Had Troubles growing Her Colored Treated Hair) No worries I got you!!!!

Client 5 Stagnant Growth ! But Then  6 Inches !!! Happened


Client 6 Knotless Braids Before And After! November 15th, 2023 - Saturday, December 9, 2023

Client 7 Before And After From Baby, Toddler, To Big Girl With Her New Growth! 

Client 8 No Matter The Situation ! August 3rd 2023 - November 22nd 2023 4 Months

Client 9 Top Of Shoulder To Back Length 5-6 Months 

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